Skyblock Season 1

Learn about all of the features included in Season 1 of the SpaceCadets skyblock so you can take full advantage of what there is to offer.


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Make your island come to life with power stations, furnaces, automatic farmers and grinders.

Custom Enchants

Enhance your abilities on the server through the use of custom enchantments for all of your items.

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Find out all you can about our unique dungeons system so you can start gaining insane rewards and advance your competition against other islands.


Explore everything there is to know about our 2000x2000 custom adventure map from mob zones and capture zones to special events.

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Player & Island Upgrades

Learn how you can improve the success of yourself and your island through upgrades!

Island, player and global boosts

Boost combat, spawners and sell prices for yourself, your island or the whole server to have a bigger rush.